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360 N4S experience as full metal 5000 Ma time battery as long as 1199 yuan...

On the basis of the continuation of N4's "high price allocation", 360, on the newly released N4S, it also plug in a large battery of 5000 ma.

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But with super high configuration, N4's plastic back cover is slightly cheaper in a metal thousand machine. Two days ago, 360 launched an upgraded version of N4, N4S, from 999 yuan to 1199 yuan.

What are the upgrades to N4S compared to N4? Is it worth chop your hands? Let's see it together.

In addition, N4S is also very good at sandblasting on metal surfaces as well as the connection between signal bars and metals. In addition to a slightly soft touch of keys, placed in a thousand machine, N4S's back cover can't find any slot points.

The highly recognizable circular receiver on the front of the N4's frontal forehead was changed to a common strip on the N4S, on the right of the receiver was a sensor and a front camera, and the left was a self timer. Below the screen is a "white circle" home key, with a touch key distributed on both sides. The functions are multitasking and return.

N4S uses a 5.5 "1080p resolution LCD screen, officially declared the screen color range of 85%, and the N4S screen is rarely used in incell technology. Its principle is to put the ITO touch film under the top glass substrate of the display panel, which can make the screen thinner and display more transparent, and apple (from iPhone 5) and HUAWEI (mainly for high-end Mate and P) are "loyal fans" of incell.

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The screen protection glass of N4S uses the 2.5D arc surface glass, but a circle of plastic cushioning bars around the glass is slightly higher, snakeskin holographic phone case and still feels some cutting hands when sliding on the edge of the glass.

As you can see, N4S basically follows the configuration of N4, Helio X20 (low frequency version), 4GB storage, 32GB storage start and other people's "happy and happy" configuration has been retained, the specific changes are mainly three.

And like N4, N4S also has the "conscience" to match the fast charging head of 13.5W (9V, 1.5A). In our measurements, when the 360 N4S power is completely exhausted, the original charge is used to charge 48%, two hours 92% for an hour, but the remaining 8% takes 40 minutes completely, and the full charge is 2 hours and 40 minutes. In the case of 5000 Ma high density battery (high battery density will affect charging speed), the performance of 360 N4S is pretty good.

With a large capacity battery, the weight of N4S increased from 155 grams of N4 to 169 grams. Interestingly, the thickness of the N4S's fuselage did not increase by adjusting the high density electric core designed and used inside the fuselage, still 8.3 millimeters. In contrast, the weight of the magic blue note3 equipped with a 4100 Ma battery is 163 grams, and the thickness is 8.2 millimeters.

In the daytime light, phone cover s8 N4S's camera did well, and 16 million of the high pixels had a good resolution, but at night or when the room was poor, N4S was struggling.

In this group, the overall sense of N4S is available, the noise control and the picture tolerance are slightly different than that of the Samsung S7 edge and OPPO R9 (especially S7 edge), but also in the past, but the picture analytic force of N4S has a large decline, 12 million pixels S7 edge and 13 million pixels OPPO R9. The license plate number has been pasting on N4S.

In the case of this close to the limit of weak light, N4S has been hard to focus. I tried to use N4S to get close to 10 pictures, basically the same... As a contrast, the photos taken by Samsung S7 edge still retain a lot of details, and the focus is still "second pair", and OPPO R9 performs a little worse, but also has a certain degree of availability (at least to the top).

In general, N4S's photo performance is in line with its "price", the day is good enough, the night is not too expected, compared with the similar price of the 1000 yuan machine, top cell phone case companies and has no obvious advantage because of the improvement of paper parameters.

In the past one or two years, with the dramatic improvement of SoC and storage performance, the performance of most of the thousands of Yuan machines has been enough to meet the requirements of the users, but we can not require too much for the thousands of Yuan machines alone.

Only from the price and configuration, 360 N4S is not a good choice, all metal fuselage, large battery, fast charging, strong enough performance, high pixel camera and other two thousand or three thousand yuan domestic flagship machine and some things, N4S all have. But it's important to note that N4S is still a mobile phone that sells for a little more than a thousand yuan. Don't expect it to bring you the "flagship" experience because of its "Deluxe" paper, after all, it's 1199.

Interestingly, in addition to N4S, there is no large capacity battery such as 5000 Ma, but there is little secret between the supply chain in the "collage" thousand yuan market, and the follow-up of other brands should be only a matter of time. Perhaps in the second half of the year, the battery will become the next "standard" of the thousand machines after the fingerprint recognition and the whole metal body at 5000 ma.

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