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A creative mobile shell can also be replaced with a back cover

When you go shopping, cus phone cases iphone 6 plus what do you do when you look at several patterns of mobile phone shells? Not necessarily, are silicone phone cases protective you can also change the back cover of the mobile phone shell.

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Recently, phone cases for note edge a mobile phone shell called Switchbacks was developed on the fundraising platform Kickstarter of the creative scheme. Its protective shell and the rear cover with a pattern are stuck together through the same card slot. To change the rear cover color, iphone 6 phone cases rubber it is only necessary to take the back cover and tighten the new rear cover.

At present, Kickstarter has already had many back cover themes such as subway and wedding, and there will be more choices later. The development team says it is trying to make the cell phone lighter.

According to the timetable on the Switchbacks, the Switchbacks team is expected to complete the fund-raising this year, and can be sold as early as April after buying the tools to produce mobile phone shells next year.