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Beautiful non unique standard eight TPU material protection shell cross review

There are many kinds of materials for mobile phone protection shell. The most common protective shell market is silica gel, TPU and PC material. TPU is the main material for making clear water jacket, Thermoplastic Urethane thermoplastic polyurethane elastomer for short, compared with silica gel protective sleeve, TPU set is hard, strong permeability, elastic and shock resistance is more superior than silica gel, and compared to PC (polycarbonate) material protection jacket, TPU protective sleeve and Microsoft some. Of course, many accessories manufacturers also begin to innovate the shell material, starting with composite materials to produce protective shells, such as the use of PC material, TPU material on the side, or silica gel in the inner layer. The use of composite material will not only make the protective shell stronger, but also improve the feel of the hand. There are two such products in the cross review.

This time we selected eight hot - selling protective shell products on the market. As shown in the above eight protective shells, we can see that most of the protective shells are made of TPU material, and the more special two are the iPhone5 protective shell of the Hamimelon King's new coat series and the fitcase (Fetter Keith) iPhone5 silk road insurance. Jacket, these two protective shells are made of composite material, and after adding TUP material, PC hard material is added. In addition, the price of these nine popular brands TPU is not very high, and most of the fruit powder prices can be borne.

This one mainly tests the flexibility of the protective shell, which means that the protective shell is not easy to break after force deformation. The soft and hard characteristics of TPU are between rubber and plastic. The hardness range of TPU is quite wide, the tensile strength is high, the elongation is large, and the long-term compression permanent deformation rate is low is the better protective cover.

This test is used to determine the stability and adaptability of products under high temperature and low temperature conditions, and to investigate the heat resistance and cold resistance of TPU material protective cover.

The protective shell is unavoidable to wear and scrape in use, and one of the advantages of TPU material is that it has good elasticity and wear resistance. Excellent wear resistance and yellowing make the advantages of this material outstanding. This test is easy to drop the paint as long as the wear resistance and service life of the protective sleeve are tested. Fade and shave.

Reliable product quality and exquisite product workmanship are the main competitiveness of the protector. This test examines the uniformity of the product and the precision of the mould, the smooth and soft edge grinding, the smooth edge cutting and the fine workmanship.

This test is more subjective, sense of touch and appearance design is mainly based on benevolence and benevolence, but intelligence can be tested.

Capdase X series iPhone 5 exquisite appearance simple fashion, using imported materials, feel more comfortable, iphone 6 wood skin uk although the price is high in these nine protective shells, but Capdase prepared a very rich accessories, support, cloth bags, pendants, high definition film, relatively high price performance.

On the material, Hamimelon "King's new clothing series" protection sleeve used the 0.7mm ultra thin German imported PC material, soft hardness, while making the maximum protection of the iPhone5, while preserving the ultra thin experience of iPhone5, the rear shell also uses the sand blasting technology to wear resistant and scraping, the second does not stain the sweat stains, dumb pearls. Semi transparent surface, so that the king logo is hidden, and there is no more worries. The frame is made of TPU material, and TPU material itself has good bearing capacity. It has good softness and anti earthquake resistance. At the same time, TPU has good weatherability, and it does not cause deformation due to environmental weather change.

The body of Fitcase iPhone5 silk road protection casing body is made of TPU material, soft touch, and frame with PC material, and designed according to the hole position, white, black, powder three colors, pink this one is very suitable for girls.

Ten thousand XinDa's Disney iPhone4S protective shell is made of TPU material. Its color is multi selected, surface polished, internal frosted feel, comfortable handle, anti slip and anti-seismic. The classic Disney cartoon characters are lovely, charming and colorful.

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This test 8 iPhone5 protective shell thickness method is the use of spiral micrometer (micrometer), using it to measure the length can be accurate to 0.01mm, but the manual measurement process may be a bit error, the following data for reference only.

From the above test data, cath kidston iphone 6 case ebay the ancient American and American iPhone5 dustproof clean water cover and the BYLEAG TPU dream cloud cover are less than 1 mm in thickness, and the other six shells are more than 1 mm in thickness, of which tens of thousands of XinDa Disney protective shells are of the highest thickness.

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Very coincidentally, the ancient American and American iPhone5 dustproof clean water jacket and the BYLEAG TPU dream cloud cover shell these two protective shells once again reflected their advantages in weight of only 14 grams, and the same 10000 XinDa iPhone4S protective shell is thicker, and no exceptions to the other guarantees. The shell is heavy, but it is not difficult to find out from the above data that the difference between the 8 protective shells is not too large, but the highest difference is 7 grams, and the difference is not very big in the hand.

Second, the feel and smell of these can be perceived through a sense of perception, the purchase of the protective shell in addition to the eye, but also can be touched with hands, to see anti skid, comfortable and uncomfortable, smell with the nose, see if there is no smell.

The above table is the result of the author's touch and nose. It can be seen that the smooth surface of the protective shell is not sanding protection shell. In the process of use, the protective shell after grinding is more difficult to fall.

Many black heart manufacturers use regenerated materials to replace raw materials to produce protective shells, and the general regenerated materials contain a lot of impurities, which may be pungent, which may be harmful to the human body. The non toxic TPU protective shell and PC protective shell should be without any odor, and the 8 iPhone protective shell materials of this review are selected with good quality, without any odor.

By contrast, we can see that these 8 protective shells are not very difficult in the appearance of the workmanship, only the two XinDa Disney iPhone4S protective shell, the new Hamimelon King's new coat protective shell, which are not perfect in the detail processing, the Capdase X series Linglong sleeve, the Momax nest protection cover, the ancient beauty and the beautiful water set The work is better.

The above three sections include the ancient American and American iPhone5 dustproof clean water jacket, the ESR iPhone5 ultra thin pure color protective sleeve and the BYLEAG TPU dream cloud cover shell, which is flat with the mobile phone screen, and it is also protective.

And the bonding degree, because the eight protection shell all use the real machine open mold, so there is little difference in the degree of bonding, amazon fire phone case uk all can be well fitted to the mobile phone, the reservation hole is also more accurate, and in the details, bilge TPU dream cloud protective shell earphone interface position is set up with dust plugs, ancient American and American iPhone5 clear water The position of the set of headset and data line interface increases the dust plug, and the dust stopper is designed with half fixed. When used, the dust plug can be pulled out. The dust plug is put back in place after use. It is very convenient.

Good flexural flexibility is one of the great advantages of TPU material. The reason why people prefer the water jacket is that it is super flexible and easy to load and unload.

Silica gel sleeve and TPU set is the biggest difference is: the former can have no lower limit of flexibility to play to the best; TPU can also be arbitrary, but the feel is slightly thicker than silica gel, but TPU material and PC material, TPU obviously soft, arbitrary bending can, very flexible.

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The spring has come, the summer is not far, the summer sun is shining, especially the southern 40 degrees of weather, we can not help wondering if the soft protective shell will melt in the high temperature weather. In fact, we need not worry about this situation.

The test platform is an incubator, which provides an ideal high temperature test environment for the protective shell. We set the temperature of the test environment at 50 degrees Celsius, and remove the protective shell after one hour.

After an hour, we will take 8 protective shell from the thermostat box, eight protection shell body surface is indeed some hot, but the 8 protection shell has no obvious deformation, static for a period of time, shell body temperature return to restore as early as we can understand that the heat resistance of TPUC material is still relatively strong, There is no problem in the summer of the summer.

In this part of the test, the results can be described as horrible. Almost every protective shell has worn marks. On the TPU material protection shell, the lighter protective shell is more weary, such as the ESR iPhone5 ultra thin pure color protective sleeve, the Capdase iPhone5 exquisite protective sleeve, and the smooth surface without the abrasive effect of the protective shell wear resistance.

In this review, the only PC protective shell of the shell of the shell of the Hami melon, the new iPhone5 protective shell, is not expected, phone cover nokia 530 but is a little better than the other TPU protective shells. The shell itself is hard and has been grind, and the wear is small and the table is good.

However, this test is more stringent for the protection of the shell, in the ordinary use process, the general small debris is not causing such obvious wear and tear, unless falling on the road, TPU material wear resistance is better.