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CEO explains how fast 4G is changing.

There are basically all functions 3G in 4G mode. For this reason, other feelings will not be obvious except speed.

Here comes 4G. With the gradual disclosure of information issued by 4G of the Ministry of industry and commerce, in September 29th, Guangdong mobile official website exposed the 4G package fee list. In October, Guangzhou Shenzhen mobile users can make an appointment to purchase and exchange cards in the designated business hall. The latest news is that the Guangdong mobile reservation registration volume has exceeded 25 thousand. It is expected that Unicom and Telecom will also start to race. It is reported that the theoretical speed of 4G network can reach 10Mbps to 20Mbps or even 100Mbps. What is this concept? What kind of real experience will be brought to us? For example, will the traffic charge be cheaper or is there a new mobile phone?

To be sure, 4G is not a revolutionary change relative to 3G. For ordinary users, it only means faster. But it should not be a minor change in this kind of change. With the superb communication technology, it will change our life more and more obvious.

From the point of view of the development of communication industry, 1G is a kind of analog communication, but there is no caller ID and short message. And 2G has become a mode of digital transmission. The function of mobile phones is mainly voice, short messages, and a very small number of data services. But when 3G came, data services began to become one of the main functions of mobile communication. The 4G we are talking about is not very huge compared to 3G. For example, the former has evolved to a maximum of 21 42M BPs, and the latter may reach 30 60M BPS at the initial stage. Therefore, ordinary users will not suddenly realize the tremendous change of speed. In addition, compared with the 3G era, it has not brought much change in function. The functions we can experience in 4G mode are basically appeared in 3G.

The first is that we can feel that the speed of the net is greatly improved. The 4G mode can upgrade many functions that we have poor in 3G, such as mobile phone video or video calling card. It not only solves the problem of speed improvement, but also brings about special business channels generated by high-speed channels. Even with cloud technology, the digital camera directly cancels the memory card and stores it directly with the cloud technology under the high-speed network without worrying about the loss of the photos.

The user experience will be different, but this is also affected by factors such as the speed and user volume of the updating website.

In the 3G era, the three operators have different user experience because of the different modes of technology they use. For example, China Mobile's T D SCD M A mode, the theoretical speed compared with the other two operators, phone price in sri lanka huawei there is a significant disadvantage.

According to the current information, in the 4G network technology level, the mobile main push TD LTE, the Unicom main FDD LTE, but the telecommunication may have two compatible. From the technical point of view, there is little difference between TD and FDD mode. At the technical level, TD LT E and FDD LTE adopt two different solutions. The former is dominated by China, but has been included in the 4G international standard. The latter is the mainstream 4G mode adopted by European and American countries. The theoretical speed of both of them in mobile state can reach 100Mbps.

For users, the real experience of speed is only concerned. TD LTE has nothing to do with the TD SCDMA used in the 3G era, which means that mobile TD LTE will be a new technology, and its speed improvement is most obvious. For Unicom, at present, its 3G WCDMA network has been upgraded to HSPA network, the rate of the whole network has reached 21Mbps, and some hot cities even support 42M bps. Compared to the speed of mobile 4G testing of 30 60M BPs, the gap is not too big, there is still a competitive weight. Moreover, WCDMA's upgraded version HSPA and HSPA can naturally evolve to the state of FDD LTE, in fact, there is no essential difference between them.

As for the user experience in the two stages of the 4G phase, it depends on the speed of the operator to update the base station, and the influence of other factors such as user volume.

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Why do operators say that the theoretical speed is 40Mbps, but the actual download speed is only 10Mbps?

Theoretical speed is only the highest speed in ideal state, which is affected by many factors, such as signal.

Theoretical speed is the maximum speed that a single user can achieve in an ideal state. But in fact, we are also influenced by many factors when we use mobile Internet. For example, skin decal for lifeproof iphone 6 plus case the distance from the base station of the mobile phone signal, the amount of mobile phone users in the same area, and the quality of the mobile phone. Even wind and rain have a certain effect on the transmission of wireless signals.

But in fact, the slow speed of the daily micro letter, look at micro-blog and other browsing nature of the Internet is not too large, even for the ordinary quality of video browsing has little impact. What affects us is that if we can't cover the area where the 4G signal is not covered, we can only use the original low level Internet access speed. The experience is the difference from high speed rail to green car.

The change from 2G to 3G is a complete change from mobile phones to smartphones. The image is a bit of a change from NOKIA to apple. 4G and 3G mobile phones are mostly upgrading one chip. So even if we want to use 4G phones in the future, apple and Samsung's 3G phones can still be used. According to the official introduction of Guangdong mobile, there are about 10 4G mobile terminals measured by the operator at present, and 50 about the data terminals.

In general, mobile phone manufacturers provide a list of supported Internet models in the technology list. Because 4G phones will also be downwards compatible, so the technology of 3G and even 2G mode should be considered in addition to 4G mode. At present, China's three major carriers, 2G and 3G, use relatively large technical gaps, while the three will exist in a long time for a long time.

On the technical form of Apple's official website in Hongkong, we can see that the iPhone5S and 5C of the Hong Kong version can support the two 4G modes of FDD LTE and TD LTE. However, reporters found on many science and technology websites that some netizens tested that they could not use the 4G test accounts issued by the domestic 5S at home. A net friend analysis may be that the system has not been added to the list of operators for the time being, and some guess it might mean that the port version of 5S will not support the 4G format in the mainland.

Mbps and MB are the common terminology in the network. Mbps means megabits / sec, 1Mbps represents 1000000 bits per second (1M 1024K), that is, 0.119MB per second, and a broadband speed is 100M BPs, equivalent to 12.5MB/s.

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The latter is our commonly used unit, such as hard disk has 1000MB, oral expression is 1000 megabytes. Therefore, personalised phone case sony xperia m2 we should note that uppercase B and lowercase B represent two different propagation units in computer terminology.

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