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China's first self developed polyurethane condom was named Nakagawa.

China and the new network, June 9 (Xinhua), is located in the name of the northwestern town of Lanzhou, Gansu Province, because of the Lanzhou airport is located here, the nakawa airport is also a Northwest fortress Lanzhou facing the world's window. With the first brand conference of China's first self developed polyurethane condom brand in Shanghai in May 20th, cell phone case vector China became a network hot search word once again in front of the world, and it was also given new meaning.

It is also located in the Lanzhou new area, the first section of China's 0.01 waterborne polyurethane condoms was born in the Lanzhou Kawa Tianshui Industrial Park, about ten kilometers from the airport. Lanzhou Ke Tian health Polytron Technologies Inc explains its naming meaning: "Zhongchuan", "zhongnai" the land of China, and the meaning of waterborne polyurethane technology, mobile cover making hine price and the meaning of water and water, is the double representative of Chinese manufacturing and scientific and technological innovation. The situation.

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Under the guidance of Professor Wu Sheng, one of the waterborne polyurethane pioneers in China and the father of China's polyurethane condoms, the team has accumulated 30 years of theory and 20 years of industrial application, and finally conquered the core technology of 0.01 waterborne polyurethane condoms, successfully developed and approved the market.

The Chinese Chuan Pu condoms have the characteristics of 0.01, cheap mobile phone cases and covers anti virus, skin affinity, fast heat conduction and no allergy. The quality of the condoms is more than the international, breaking the monopoly position of foreign brands in the market of polyurethane condoms. It is reported that since the 520 brand of polyurethane condoms has been officially launched, it has aroused widespread concern and repercussions in the market. Chinese people have expressed their support for China's manufacture and support China's first cunchuan Pu condom.

It is reported that as an innovative high-tech enterprise, Ke Tian health professional engaged in the research and development, cell phone case with sd card slot production and sales of waterborne polyurethane materials in the medical and health field, with the world's first one hundred thousand ton waterborne polyurethane production line, the first waterborne polyurethane condom production line in China, and the first production of polyurethane condoms in China. The company that licenses and sells permits is the only company in the world that possesses the dual technology of waterborne polyurethane resin and waterborne polyurethane condom production.

It can be predicted that nakawa Pu condoms will take the core technology as the driving force and spread the brand as the force point, not only to break the monopoly situation, but also to cultivate the innovative and leading brand in the world, and make the China Chuan Pu condoms a new business card in Gansu province.