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Double model double screen double screen flip W699 drop 480 yuan

Samsung W699 modeling square is full of thick, full of Oriental wisdom inside the round alcohol style, boost mobile samsung galaxy s5 inside and outside the double screen flip design makes the whole machine look atmosphere and charm, rose gold drawing appearance and a little piece of soft intestines, phone case for apple iphone 4s the overall feeling is quite amazing and free. Its external screen uses a 2.2 inch TFT screen with a resolution of 240 x 320, which displays commonly used information and saves frequent flip operations. The internal screen is 2.8? LCD screen, best phone case brands in india the resolution and the external screen are 240 x 320, showing the effectiveness of the right moment, buy phone case online malaysia so that the inside and outside two screens also ensure the same excellent display effect, with Samsung's unique Touch Wiz UI interface, operation can be called enjoyment. Behind the fuselage is a 5 million pixel camera and supporting light, which is already reflected in other Samsung W series. As a support for GSM and telecom CDMA dual mode business phone, the machine is also equipped with Bluetooth GPS and other practical functions.

In Samsung's sea tactics, the W series has been the top of the market. Its own positioning makes its price more than ten thousand. And the W series of cooperation with the China Telecom has been favored by high-end business people because of the double - mode double - card double - pending ring. The machine now wants to break 4000 yuan, already It's very good. An interested friend may take a hand.

Samsung W699 (licensed) [reference price] 4099 yuan [business phone] 13911809206

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