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DS calls itself " every day; luxury brand what level is it

DS, a French car, believes that no one is a stranger, but the influence or market share is absolutely true. In terms of sales, DS sales are like roller coaster, rising from 4052 cars 2013 to 27 thousand and 400 in 2015, but DS sales were only 1.6 in China last year. Ten thousand vehicles, a sharp decrease of 34% over the same period last year, failed to break through 30 thousand vehicles in the past few years.

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Some friends who may not know much about DS will consider it a very luxurious brand, just as DS himself originally called himself "luxury". Xiaobian can tell you clearly that the luxury of DS is absolutely an undisputed illusion. Far from it, let's take a look at the new product DS7 of DS at this Beijing auto show.

In the early days of the DS7, 5 models of the opera house, the vanguard version of the Li wallie, android case with stylus holder the first sharp edition of the Li Wali, the Pasi and the Bastille square, the official guidance price was 20.89 309 thousand and 900 yuan. From the price range, DS7 himself has cancelled his definition of luxury. The entry version of the model has even explored the height of its own brand.

It is obvious that DS7 is trying to cater to the market and try to fill its belly. So, the price has gone out of the definition of luxury. What about the product power? We might as well make a careful analysis of a wave. I do not shy away from saying that in this Beijing motor show, DS7, in addition to the price that I am interested in, there is nothing else to pry up my desire for it. What I have passed is always the vision of DS, not the embodiment of product strength. For example: what compares the high-end avant-garde design of works of art, what is comparable to the exquisite craftsmanship of luxury goods, or the wisdom of France's top automotive industry. So where is it from the product? We stand in a consumer's point of view, you spend money to buy products that you need, rather than a "big cake" painted by car companies, phone cases s8 is not it?

Maybe a friend who is concerned about DS7 will say, Xiaobian, you don't know. If you look at the DS7's interior, do you still dare to say that it is not luxurious? Each configuration is also super rich, Xiaobian, do you mean black home? If this is a car enterprise positioning "luxury" standard, we may wish to see our current domestic models, on the configuration, on the interior visual effects, which is not more than Lexus eulogized to look at the force? Is it comparable to brand luxury definition? You may even find that 300 thousand of Lexus is still in the era of radio. Obviously, this does not mean that a car company is really luxurious.

In terms of DS7 models, in addition to exaggerating all kinds of vision, the engine and gearbox are basically not reflected. Take the independent brand Changan car, phone skin iphone 5c the new CS75 in Beijing auto show, and let us feel the automatic driving black technology, blue whale 1.5T GDI direct injection booster engine advantage. DS7 so called luxury, how can we see it from products?