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From the difference of domestic intelligent mobile phone Gionee mobile phone

In fact, the time of the development of smart phones in China is not long, but the speed of development in 4 and 5 years is unexpected. In 2010, Android mobile phone began to spread, and we also witnessed the Android 1 to now Android 7.

The release of millet M1 in August 2011 has completely activated the nerve of domestic mobile phone manufacturers. From then on, homemade mobile phones are no longer a synonym for "Shanzhai". Mobile phones such as Jinli, OPPO, vivo, HUAWEI, ZTE, and cool are starting to force the smartphone market.

The fierce competition in the domestic market has let Samsung, HTC, SONY and other major international plants have not thought, but the momentum of domestic mobile phones has been unable to use the word "nibbling" to describe, from the first half of 2016, the two big international giants apple and Samsung are in the decline trend in the Chinese market; mobile phone cover making the apple Chinese market sales decline 33%, and even In the two quarter, it slipped 26% in the previous quarter, and Europe has replaced China as Apple's second largest mobile phone market. Samsung has seen a sharp downward trend in the three consecutive years, with a drop of 18%, 16% and 15% respectively.

The world's top 10 smart phone brands have 7. In the first quarter of 2016, China's smartphone shipments were up to 125 million. The rise of domestic mobile phone manufacturers has also caused fierce competition. The situation of domestic mobile phone brands seems to have no big changes, but it has surged in the dark. Perhaps it is time to add fuel to the fire. Perhaps it is self positioning. The market structure of some domestic mobile phone brands is changing. So domestic mobile phones are looking for differentiation in order to break through.

In the age of smart phone, the function and appearance of the mobile phone are too similar, the difference between the brands is becoming smaller and smaller, which leads to no bright spots, and the big brand can also test the brand, but the small brand has no advantages besides the price, and the price will also lead to the further compression of the profit and even the loss of money. There's a big wave of mobile phone manufacturers.

Since the beginning of the year, domestic mobile phones have been playing the banner of differentiation. The author gives several examples of differentiation: cost performance, mobile phone technology and functional technology. Among them, phone case cover printing several mobile phone manufacturers did have a distinctive selling point in a product, thus forming the brand logo.

Such as OPPO's photo phone, vivo's HiFi mobile phone, Jinli's super long life mobile phone and so on. Let's talk about how the mobile phone brand that Jinli has grown for 17 years is how to make the first 4 of domestic mobile phones and how to create differentiated products.

Jinli M series is undoubtedly its fist product. From the first generation of M3, the logo of the voyage has been deeply printed in the DNA of M system.

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With the development of smart phones, the performance of mobile phones is becoming stronger and stronger, the screen is bigger and bigger, and the function is more and more abundant. But so many years of rapid development, cell phone hardware only battery technology is difficult to have a major breakthrough, leading to the development of the smart phone has become a bottleneck, seriously affecting the actual experience of the user. So at this stage, equipped with large capacity battery is the most effective and direct way to enhance the endurance of mobile phone.

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The M series has been named for a long time. M is derived from the meaning of English words. M is the abbreviation of the English word Marathon (marathon). The first Jin Li M series mobile phone, Jinli M3, was officially named Jinli Marathon M3 when it was published overseas. To make the domestic users better understand and publicize the products, the national bank version was named Jin Li M3. In sports, the marathon represents the endurance of the long distance race, phone case bottle opener iphone 5 while in the cell phone, Kim likened it to the long endurance of the mobile phone, which means that the main selling point of the M series is to have long endurance time to solve the pain point for the users.

The first generation of M3 has created a lot of excellent results in the endurance, such as the super capacity battery with 5000 Ma built-in, the 5 inch AMOLED screen, more power saving than the traditional LCD screen and the superior performance in all aspects. The running amigoOS 3.1 is based on the Android 5.1, and the system power is strictly controlled and joined. Such as super power saving mode to further extend the function of life.

Next to the strongest extension M5, with the relocation of Jinli brand positioning, the original e life series has disappeared, and the replaced Jinli M5 built-in 6020mAh large battery, while supporting fast charging technology, reverse charge, deep endurance optimization.

In July 26th, Jinli released its flagship model M M6/M6 Plus, in addition to its endurance, there are still more achievements in security.

Mobile phone has too many tasks in people's life. In today's mobile phone function, mobile phone case laser engraving hine the shortage of endurance is not the problem of reducing the user experience, but will add a lot of burdens to the consumers. Jinli M series of main businessmen, adhering to the concept of "Jinli" to solve the user's pain point, to create a brand new "super endurance" flagship product, continued the "super endurance" of the excellent lineage, the combination of super endurance and new functions will give users a more perfect experience.

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