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GALAXY new hall of fame GTX560 Ti evaluation

Overclocking is the eternal topic of DIY players, with the least money to gain the maximum performance, which is the greatest pleasure of overclocking, also one of the few selling points in the increasingly neglected DIY market, and the nonpublic overclocking products are also one of the hardware vendors that show their own strength.

Speaking of GALAXY, the players of the developing card should be unfamiliar. Since 2003, the video card giant has been promoting the concept of "player based", and has also introduced a number of features with the features of the player. Both hardware and software research and development insist on personality and innovation. In 2010, GALAXY launched its own top overfrequency series Hall Of Fame Hall of fame, the first generation is the once burning Millennium crown prince GTX460, with its feverish materials and design, and the first white personality PCB on the graphics card, and the GTX460 Hall of fame with the highest frequency of 850/ 4000Mhz to laugh at the same kind of product. It is the real "celebrity" in the graphics card that the world record is refreshed many times under the excellent display of the overclocking enthusiasts.

The first member of the hall of fame: GALAXY GeForce GTX 460 HOF

Then, the hall of fame continued to add new members: GTX560 Ti, GTX550 Ti, all with excellent workmanship, cover for samsung j7 the limit of the frequency of the same series of top products, the two products of the symbolic metal shell four heat pipe heat dissipation and white PCB and other "monster scale" specifications, the perfect successor to the concept of the HOF Hall of fame.

Recently, GALAXY has burst out the latest generation of hall of fame, which is still GTX560 Ti, but the new GTX560 Ti Hall of fame uses a more powerful power supply system, the heat sink is also designed for nickel plating, and it is also the first to match the world class overfrequency console for extreme overclocking home. GALAXY official revealed that the console will only be officially released on GALAXY Carnival in December 10th, leaving the last suspense for the players. How powerful is this new hall of fame improvement? Today the little editor will take you first.

The GALAXY GTX560 Ti Hall of fame continues the previous design of the white PCB and the metal shell's galactic warship radiator.

The hall of fame has been born for overfrequency players, so the core part of the PCB can see GALAXY using a large number of SANYO POSCAP tantalum capacitors and American KEMET tantalum capacitors, which have lower ESR values, higher working temperatures and longer lifespan than ordinary capacitors to ensure that the graphics cards are stable at a long and high frequency. OK, more extreme overclocking players use liquid nitrogen overclocking to provide more powerful protection.

There is also a Proadlizer decoupling capacitor on the back of NEC, a $3 artifact that provides high storage capacity and ultra high speed charging and discharging efficiency, and a very low ESR resistance can make the current more pure. As a result of extreme overclocking, previous Hall of fame products have been using this element, phone case with card holder iphone se and because of high prices, only a small number of high-end graphics cards will be used.

In the interface, the hall of fame GTX560 Ti is also very rich in addition to the super frequency, the interface is also very rich, using the HDMI DP DVI double HD output design, support the maximum three screen output, support NVIDIA 3D stereoscopic mirror technology, the game player can easily build multi screen platform.

The improvement of power supply is one of the selling points of the new hall of fame. In the case of extreme overfrequency, the demand for the power supply system of the graphics card is very high. Because the frequency is much higher than the public version, the power consumption is also multiplied, so it is necessary to supply multi phase power supply. The hall of fame GTX560 Ti uses 62 phase power supply, and the core part of the MOS tube uses IR3550M DRMOS, which provides a more pure supply of current than the traditional triode and the commonly known MOS tube for the octopus, controlled by the CHL8266 digital PWM.

At the core, the GTX560 Ti Hall of fame uses the GF114 core, with 384 CUDA processing cores, cool phone cases london with modern high-speed GDDR5 memory particles, the preset frequency of 950/4400MHz, which is the highest frequency in the currently marketed GTX560 Ti.

The 2 generation of the GALAXY GTX560 Ti Hall of fame is still a classic galactic warship radiator. In addition to retaining the design of the metal shell, this version also treats the metal shell with nickel plating to make it look more textured and prevent metal oxidation more effectively.

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The design of the 4 heat pipe pure copper base is adopted in the main part of the radiator. The fins of heat dissipation are very dense and can provide greater heat dissipation area. The bending process of the heat pipe is fine and the base grinding is smooth, which effectively guarantees the normal work of the graphics card under the high frequency of 950MHz.

Thanks to the ultra high default frequency of 950/4400MHz, the GALAXY GTX560 Ti Hall of fame has dramatically surpassed the public version, and has been able to cope with the current mainstream 3D games at 1080P's high definition resolution, even if it is not a super frequency player.

In the standby environment, the card temperature is only 36 degrees, at the Furmark roast machine 20 minutes after the core temperature is 92 degrees, at this time the speed of the fan also reached 4000, a little noise a little, but considering the ultra high frequency of 950MHz, the temperature performance is still acceptable range. But the hall of fame series is born for ultimate overclocking. The original air-cooled radiator is not very important.

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1.087V overclocked to 1030/4800MHz under safe voltage and passed test.

We used the latest version of the magic plate for the GALAXY GTX560 Ti Hall of fame air cooled overfrequency test, at the end of the 1.012V's default voltage, the core frequency of the 1G gate and the 3D Mark 11 test, ebay phone cases zte zmax due to the cold environment, so the voltage is added to the 1.087V Fermi safety voltage, and eventually overfrequency to 1030/4800MHz, This result is very prominent compared with most of the GTX560 Ti products of the same kind.