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How to use video to make text video

Subtitles play the role of text interpretation in movies, short videos, and so on, but the role of subtitles is far not only so, not only to modify video, but also to achieve effects of special effects. For example: pure text funny video. It's actually very simple to make pure text video, as long as a video production software is OK. Next, follow the Xiaobian to make a video with a video.

2, then click the title button to insert the text, double-click the text in the preview box, and enter the text.

3, after text input is completed, add animation to the text. Double click the text, click options, switch to the property bar, click animation, check "application". Select "animation type" to select the animation type, as shown in Figure 1, lighter phone case iphone 6 plus then click the "T" custom animation attribute to adjust the effect of the subtitle, as shown in Figure 2.

4, in the edit bar, you can edit the color, font, size, shadow and other settings of the caption, as shown in Figure 3.

1, the same way to enter subtitles in the video, right click subtitles, select "custom action".

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2, in the pop-up dialog box, you can set the size, position, resistance and other values of the caption, adjust the value, add key frames, can set the font animation, case iphone 6s marble make a special effect subtitle.

3, "resistance" is the meaning of transparency, numerical value 0 is transparent, numerical value 100 is completely displayed. The "rotating X axis" is rotated by the X axis as the center axis, rotating the same meaning as Y and Z axis.

4, "shadow" is the background shadow of the text, "shadow opaque" value 0~100, value 0 is transparent, 100 is opaque. The "shadow blur" is the degree of eclosion on the edge of the shadow, 0 is no eclosion, and the 100 is completely eclosion. The "shadow direction" is the angle of the shadow and font, the value is 360~360. The "shadow distance" value is 0~100. When the value is 0, the shadow is in the center of the text and vice versa, as shown in Figures 4 and 5.

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5, the "boundary" and "mirror" parameter settings are similar to those of "shadow". The "slow in / slow out" setting is the speed of setting text movement, which can be adjusted quickly and slowly, as shown in Figure 6.

The text video is the video produced by the animation of the subtitle, it understands the text animation and the custom parameters above, nokia lumia 640 cover nz and then the parameters are set, so you can easily make the text video. Finally, the video output is ten text video. But you don't know much about it. You can go to the tutorial page to see the tutorial.