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HUAWEI WIFI is not playing like Samsung.

This article is transferred from the WeChat public number "ID:guanchacaijing".

After HUAWEI P10 successively explode the flash memory event and the oil layer incident, in April 20th, the HUAWEI consumer business (HUAWEI) Yu Chengdong issued micro-blog, talking about two hot issues of its latest mobile P10: the oil layer and the flash speed, and the corresponding solutions. In the afternoon of April 19th, the official micro-blog of HUAWEI terminal company also made a statement on the Internet discussion triggered by flash memory of HUAWEI P10 series mobile phones. Then, relative to the previous HUAWEI official similar to the "commercial public relations officer eight shares" response, HUAWEI consumer business CEO Yu Chengdong and HUAWEI terminal's official micro-blog's latest reply is more sincere?

As you can see from Yu Chengdong's open speech, the reason why HUAWEI P10 has no oil thinning layer is that the HUAWEI P10 series took the lead in the leading Corelle fifth generation of glass in the world, and after this glass was coated with a sparse layer of oil, there would be static lines on the phone's screen, and there was no solution, so there was a group of P10. There is no oil sparsely. Recently HUAWEI has solved the technical problem of the anti static oil layer, so the recent P10 mobile phone has added the oil layer. For the sold P10 without the thinning oil layer, the consumer can add this coating to the HUAWEI experience store.

The reason for the P10 flash event is the serious shortage of flash memory in the supply chain. After that, it was emphasized that HUAWEI's P10 mobile "joint optimization of hardware and software design has ensured that even if EMMC is used, it still maintains a good practical performance experience". And emphasize the good performance of P10 mobile phone in taking photos.

As for how to compensate consumers who buy EMMC storage chips, it can be said that they did not mention anything.

Similarly, HUAWEI terminal company official micro-blog's caliber is similar to Yu Chengdong's micro-blog content. Moreover, in this new statement, there is a public acknowledging of the different flash memory selection, and it is considered that "two types of mainstream devices and the mode of supply simultaneously" are adopted. It is emphasized that there is no human intervention in random distribution of production. Therefore, HUAWEI said in its statement: "there is no discrimination and deception of consumers".

For the reply of HUAWEI terminal company official micro-blog, many netizens did not buy it.

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However, many netizens expressed their dissatisfaction with the attitude of HUAWEI, and there were many big V supporting HUAWEI in the same position, such as:

It can be said, whether it is the micro-blog issued by Yu Chengdong, leather case for iphone 6s ebay or the official micro-blog of HUAWEI terminal company, there is no comment on how to solve the problem of "the same price of the same price" in the P10 which has been sold out.

In fact, from 2D NAND Flash to 3D NAND Flash from last year's storage plants, plus Samsung Note7 spontaneous combustion events, storage chip price rise and supply chain tension are foreseeable to be foreseeable when some manufacturers Fire and flood, related electronic components increase in price, after the Samsung Note7 successive spontaneous combustion events, many People are laughing at "buying solid state drives and memory bars."

Therefore, if the international giants like HUAWEI fail to anticipate the possibility of serious shortage of supply chain flash in time, management is really out of order. In addition, even because the supply chain tension leads to the mixed use of eMMC storage chips and UFS storage chips, the title version, high version, and low version can be used to solve the UFS2.1 scheme, the high version of the UFS2.0 scheme, the low version of the eMMC5.1 scheme, and the different versions. Set different prices and explain the differences between the versions when the product is released. This is explained by the fact that the supply chain of storage chips is tight. In this way, not only can the present dilemma be avoided, but also the embarrassment of "buying HUAWEI P10 as a raffle" can be directly avoided, and consumers can also freely choose.

According to foreign media measurement, HUAWEI P10 WiFi speed is not the level that high-end mobile phones should have. According to the test of foreign media, iPhone 7 speed can reach the theoretical speed of 532 MB/s, P9 can reach 279 MB/s, P10 actually only 48.8 MB/s.

Smartphone Review.207826.0.html

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In addition, there is a point to add to the flash memory, eMMC 5.1 standard theory bandwidth is about 600MB/s, even the eMMC 5 standard also has 400MB/s, and in the actual test, amazon cell phone cases iphone 6s plus part of the test of HUAWEI P10 only 200 MB/s results, even if the actual test to make a discount, also do not appear such a big gap. In other words, it is no longer possible to use eMMC 5.1 standard to give HUAWEI P10 a 200 MB/s test result.

Because the master control is integrated inside, the eMMC scheme is actually a mini version of the SSD that does not need external master control, and the eMMC scheme will also use NAND Flash. According to the media burst, the HUAWEI part P10 uses the eMMC chip, and some NAND Flash may have the general problem of product quality which is SanDisk df4064, which is the generic problem. In the most common quality products, the cube has been used for 999 yuan, and there are cheaper plates used for df4064. A net friend screenshot is a witness.

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In the event of HUAWEI P10 falling into flash memory, millet held a new product conference, from the hardware configuration of millet 6, the phone has a good standard.

First is the processor, millet 6 carrying Qualcomm Xiaolong 835. In terms of the performance of CPU, GPU, baseband and other key modules, they are the top standards, and Samsung's 10nm manufacturing process is adopted. The only one that will be criticized is whether Samsung's 10nm manufacturing process will be as waterflooding as Samsung's 14nm manufacturing process, and the Valon 835 completely doesn't need to follow the 8 core. The original 820 - four - core CPU scheme is actually more real, not only to reduce the chip area, but also to reduce the cost. The 8 nuclear gimmicks are greater than the actual use value.

Millet 6 mobile phone screen is 5.15 inches, the battery capacity is 3350mAh, using 12 million pixel long focus lens 12 million pixel wide angle lens. As for design, it is benevolent and benevolent. In the version of the millet 6 is divided into the following three versions:

6GB RAM 128GB ROM (ceramic enjoy Edition): 2899 yuan

As far as millet 6 is concerned, although Lei Jun said "the capacity of the small screen flagship is the largest", but this propaganda may have been some, the ZTE some models are also about 5 inches, dilwale logo phone cover buy online but the battery has reached 4000 5000mAh. The reason that the capacity of millet 6 battery is limited to 3350mAh is due to the fast charging capability of its 18W, just as the energy density and power density of the lithium ion battery can not be combined, millet 6 sacrificed the energy density of the battery for 18W fast charging, and reduced the endurance.

And the Lei Jun said millet 6 "the most powerful dual lens on the market," but this is also questionable, because the millet 6 dual camera scheme is very similar to the iPhone 7P double camera, are 12 million pixels of the long focal lens of 12 million pixels wide angle lens, and the black and white color dual camera side of HUAWEI P10 The case can get more light input in the poor light scene and get clearer details. Millet 6 dual camera solution to enhance the quality of the details of the picture is relatively limited, the effect is more specific effects. Admittedly, the dual lens scheme is only one aspect, and the photo effect also depends on the ISP's performance and software algorithm, as well as the photo taking skills of the photographers themselves.

For the three version of millet, a lot of friends of the premonition is that 2499 yuan millet 6 must play monkey price to buy, while the ceramic enjoy the low rate of finished product rate is also small, the real amount of millet will be 2899 yuan 6. Indeed, this is only speculation, if millet can supply 2499 yuan version of millet 6. Then, perhaps HUAWEI P10 will be able to take part in flash memory events to grab some customers. As Samsung's Note7 self ignition last year, HUAWEI benefited from it.

Finally, it is also hoped that HUAWEI can be more sincere in the after-sales service, less routines, after all, Samsung's Note7 forward, even Samsung, had the initial and consumer knocks, even rumors to the consumer, but the result was a global recall, the Chinese district management group knelt... Luckily, phone protective cases best the large price increase of the screen, memory chips and other components, which may be known by the earth, made up for the losses caused by Note7.

From the latest exposure of Ren Zhengfei's internal speech, HUAWEI will probably return the eMMC version of P10 to buy the lesson.

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