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Like the birth of ibacks cell phone shell production workshop

It is already a measure that most users will take, but a considerable number of users are still reluctant to give their phones a shell, because many of them love the material and the texture of the iPhone itself. However, the appearance of the ibacks armour series has given some users the reason to choose the cell phone shell.

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With the conviction of persistence, ibacks is also very strict in terms of product quality and control. Its ares series and Venice people guarantee the same technology as the iPhone mobile phone shell. In this way, users who like iPhone material and texture need not worry that mobile phones will become different from before when they wear their shells.

Venice series is not only elegant in appearance, but also exquisite in its manufacturing process. First of all, cus phone case kiosk in the choice of materials, ibacks selected the first-class Japanese imported aviation aluminum, and iPhone cell phone shell of the same grade aluminum, strength and feel can be guaranteed.

The Venice people's series has one of the greatest features: beautiful and elegant relief. The relief is absolutely not printed or painted, but anodized on aluminum. What part of anodic oxidation process is embodied in iPhone 6? Yes, it's the apple LOGO on the back. This LOGO is not only beautiful in color but also excellent in maintaining sex. I don't think any user can wear out his iPhone 6 LOGO. Anodizing can also ensure pure color and diamond like highlights. This fully demonstrates that the relief process of ibacks Venice mobile phone shell is perfect.

Ibacks launches the war God series products mainly to achieve two purposes, one is to provide a 360 degree full protection for the mobile phone, mobile back cover wholesale in mumbai and the second is to restore the original beauty of the iPhone.

Mobile phone shell is not the only choice. The hot metal frame also represents the differentiation of cell phone shell products. Ibacks has a series of metal border series, such as the plain frame, the relief border, the limited border of Venice people and so on. The main difference between them is the appearance and the process is consistent. Like the original armour series, the frame series also uses Japanese imported aviation aluminum. The internal radian is exactly the same as iPhone, ensuring the degree of fitting, hand feeling and protection. In order to prevent scratches from scratching the border, cus photo phone cases canada the original 360 degree injection process is used internally, and the low end cotton sticking technology is applied. The frame also has a volume metal button, which feels better.

Ibacks has such a large number of mobile phone shell products, which guarantee the safety of mobile phones, restore the original beauty of mobile phones, and make mobile phones more foreign. No matter how fastidious you are, I believe there is always a product for you.

All imported aviation aluminum metal shell ensures the strength and texture of the mobile power supply. The capacity of 5000mAh can also deal with all kinds of mobile devices. Highly coordinated with the appearance of Venice mobile phone shell is enough to save many OCD patients. And with it, phone case wallet purse you will get the taste you deserve.

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