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Photoshop example tutorial teaches you to make curl

(1) create a new graphic file, named "curl word", and set the foreground color to black (R:0, G:0, B:0) in the tool. (2) press the Ctrl A key to select the background layer. Press Alt BackSpace key to fill the selection area into black, go phone coverage in canada then press Ctrl D key to cancel the selection. 3) open a picture according to your own preferences, use the toolbox in the cross text mask tool, in the layer to enter the text you want, here we take "happiness" as an example. (4) click any box tool in the toolbox and get a text selection in the picture, as shown in Figure 1.

(5) click "select", phone case for samsung galaxy j3 luna pro "modify", "expand", and click the "good" button, as shown in Figure 2.

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(6) copy the graphics in the selected area by the Ctrl C key and paste it in the picture of the "curl word" file by the Ctrl A key, and name it for the new layer, phone case websites india as shown in Figure 3.

(9) move the circular selection in the picture to other locations, and click "filter" to "twist" to "rotate and twist", and the effect of curling is completed. (10) on the basis of this, we can also make the stroke effect for the curling character, which is shown in Figure 6. You can choose different colors according to your needs.