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Play the ultimate vision! The movie special effects production process is very revealing.

Special effects group: in movies, artificial artifacts and hallucinations are called movie effects. Filmmakers use them to avoid making performers in danger, reducing the cost of making movies, or more simply, using them to make the movie more exciting. In film and television shooting, we often use micro models, such as people, monsters, buildings, and so on to achieve the special effects in movies. With the development of computer graphics and image technology, great progress has been made in the speed and quality of the production of special effects. The producers can perform more delicate, real and shocking images on the computer, such as the use of Maya software to make wind and rain, landslide, collapse, house collapse, volcanic eruption, tsunami and so on. When filming or props can't be done, Maya software can also be used to make simulation roles, such as mice in the elf mouse, and master Yoda in Star Wars.

Question: can special effects such as fluid, particle, rigid body, soft body, matting, and so on, be fully understood here, so that you can get a deeper understanding of the special effects of the film?

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Special effect group: fluid, fluid is calculated based on dynamics, and can produce real fluid motion effect. Fluid can simulate fog, flame, smoke, sena phone cases iphone 5 cloud, water and so on.

Particle, particle is part of dynamics, and dynamics is a branch of physics to describe the way of motion of objects in the physical world. Particles are very useful in making special effects. There are many forms of particles that can produce spray, flame, dust, smoke and so on. For example: to show the splash of ships sailing on the sea and spattering on the sea, people stand on deck to see the fish in the sea. Those fish can be done by particles, first to get the motion path of the particle like fish effect, and then each particle to replace the different types of fish model, so that every particle can be found. Place a fish on it to get the effect of cluster animation.

The rigid body can make the object model in the three-dimensional software participate in the calculation of the dynamics, such as the process of dropping an object on the ground and bouncing on the ground in my hand. In fact, the animator can manually define the animation process according to the understanding of the rules of motion. But if there are numerous fragments that fall into each other, such as a wall, a projectile is splashing through the droplets, the complex movement process is done by the animator one by one and the workload is very large, which requires the transformation of the object fragment model into a rigid body, and the transformation into a rigid body can take part in a series of movements. Through mechanical calculation, the simulated motion is obtained.

Soft body, simple to say the soft body is a soft object, in the Maya will be solved by dynamic solution, so that the object can get soft movement, such as: clothes, flags, elastic skin, or the hair that will drift with the wind and so on.

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Matting is part of the later special effects. Cutting is the material to remove the redundant part of the material. For example, we often see a spectacular scene when we are watching a movie. One is standing on a mountain, erupting in a volcano in the distance, flaming the sky, and it is generally impossible to find such a landscape when it is actually taken. This needs to be treated later. As we often see in the film, the actors stand in front of the blue or green cloth, which makes the foreground color difference before the role and the background, iphone 5s carbon skin malaysia by making the blue or green photographing area cut off by the producer, and then using the computer graphics technology to combine the special effect scenes with the photographers. Get real shock.

Special effects group: special effects can be divided into two parts, one is three-dimensional special effects, the other two is late special effects. Both are very important in the field of special effects.

2, the later special effects, through the actual content, photo material and three-dimensional software rendering material to synthesize, get the final effect.

These two parts complement each other and are familiar with later special effects, which can help the production staff to provide more ideas, ideas and solutions in the three-dimensional production process. Some effects can be completed in three dimensions or later, while some effects can only be completed in the later stage. If the production staff master the application of later special effects and three-dimensional special effects, we can choose the best production plan and pursue the best quality in high efficiency.

Q: please tell us about the use of Maya and other softwares in the production of movie effects.

Special effect group: now in the field of film special effect production, the application of Maya software has a lot of users, and Maya is very suitable for team cooperation, and its production process is more scientific and advanced. In a team, Maya can be developed two times based on actual production. It provides a powerful system of fluid, particle, rigid body, and so on with the software and plug-ins surrounding the Maya. For example, RealFlow powerful fluid software, Renderman renderer widely used in film production, belongs to the top renderer.

In the late stage of software, there are many good softwares to choose from, and their functions are very powerful. I use Fusion because Fusion and Maya are perfectly integrated. Fusion has three dimensional functions, including object animation, camera animation, texture, point cloud information and particles, which can be compatible with Maya.

Special effect production also needs to use some tracking software, the tracking software is to reverse the actual shooting material, to find the motion track of the video camera at that time, so that the three-dimensional or later content and real time material can be combined seamlessly, mobile covers for sale in kenya for example, in the film "Garfield", computer made Garfield with shooting scenes. Tracking software is very necessary.