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Solution of WIFI coverage of dead Gigabit power cats

With the popularization of WIFI network, there is another kind of network equipment that is growing up tenaciously. This is "electric cat".

The advantages of power line communication are obvious. Because of the serious interference of radio signal in 2.4G band, the ability of 5.8G band signal to pass through the wall is weak. There are many problems in the family where WIFI is covered with dead angle or weak signal, which seriously affects the application experience of the Internet. For redecorated rooms, rewiring is unrealistic, so the role of electric cats is highlighted.

PLC power line communication includes many different technical standards such as HomePlug,, HD PLC and so on.

Recently, Sohu IT received a power cat based on HomePlug AV2 standard. Now let's take a look at this product and its performance in family networking.

The Tenda's electric cat has a very small appearance, because it is directly inserted into the market for use. In order to ensure safety, the shell of this product uses the current popular ultrasonic plastic welding to weld the front and back shells together. When dismantling, cus phone case galaxy s6 edge you can only use violence to pry it open.

After prying, the first level circuit board is the power supply and signal modulation part. The power of this product has the function of lightning protection, and at the same time, according to the power design specification, the high and low voltage parts are physically isolated.

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This power cat uses a Broadcom BCM60333 chip solution. Compared with the previous generation standard, the frequency band of the BCM60333 chip using HomePlug AV2 standard uses the frequency band of 1. 8 m - H - 8 6 m. At the same time, the multi input and multiple output (MIMO) technology is introduced. Using three wires (fire line, zero line, ground wire) on the typical power outlet, more data can be sent through different paths at the same time, and the transmission rate can reach 1.5Gbps. Without the ground wire, skin for iphone 6 the default mode of the device is the single pair (SISO) mode with a transmission rate of 750Mbps.

Although power cats can work directly without any setup, Tenda has designed a PC - side setup for this product to be set up in high - level applications. This software can display the handshake connection speed of the electric cat. It can be seen from the data displayed by the software that when the two power cats are closer, the handshake rate can reach about 800Mbps.

It is difficult to reach the nominal rate in the laboratory because the electromagnetic environment in the family is worse and the power cats need a part of the bandwidth for redundancy correction.

As we all know, our electromagnetic interference is very serious at present. After a period of trial, Sohu IT found that the switch power supply connected to the family had a direct impact on the stability of the power cat's signal.

The HomePlug AV2 standard uses a frequency of 1. 8 m - H - 8 6 m. The frequency band covers HF and VHF low ends. The frequency of switching power supply is usually in this frequency band, so if there are more switching power sources in the room, the signal stability of power cats will be affected.

It is worth noting that the power cat itself will also have a certain impact on the radio communication in this band. However, when the power cat works, it will also detect the radio signal in the surrounding environment. If the signal is stronger at a certain frequency, it will avoid the frequency and minimize the signal interference between each other.

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1, the fool type is the plug and play design. When it is used, phone cover nokia 6300 it does not need any additional settings. It only needs to insert the cable and plug the electric cat into the power socket, so it can automatically connect to the network. It is particularly suitable for the use of small white users.

2, cable power cats can guarantee the high speed and stability of the network when they use large bandwidth applications, such as watching online video and downloading.

4, isolation and safety are high. The network is only effective within the household electric meter range, and eliminates the possibility of other families rubbing the net.

2, if the family has the so-called "smart socket" with metering chip (equivalent to the meter), it will greatly affect the speed and stability of the back-end device's Internet access.

5, electric cats directly plug in wall switches, and position as far away from other electrical equipment as possible to reduce interference, and achieve higher network speed and stability.

6, cus case galaxy s5 active if the number of electric cats is not enough, when expanding, we need to use the same technology standard of electric cats to ensure the Internet experience. Because the HomePlug AV2 standard is downwards compatible, the older standard HomePlug specification can also be used. At present, several major technical standard branches of PLC are not compatible.

7, power cats are still far from popularized in China. This situation has also led to the high price of such equipment.