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The people's Daily has to play hard on mobile pornography

Mobile pornography, a kind of mental tumor, is disturbing the lives and learning of users, especially teenagers, phone cover samsung j7 max poisoning their physical and mental health.

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With the proliferation of mobile wireless Internet service, some mobile wireless application protocol websites, value-added information service providers, wantonly spread pornographic pictures, design phone case uk pornographic voice, pornographic video and other information on mobile phones, and make profiteering and harm the society. The low cost, privacy and ease of use of the mobile phone make the induced users not only easily browse and download pornographic information, smart keyboard windows phone 8 skin but also share the pornographic content with other people through SMS and MMS. The rapid and wide spread of it has gone beyond the imagination of the ordinary people.

In the first half of this year, the number of Internet users in China has reached 155 million, accounting for about half of the total number of Internet users. A large proportion of them are teenagers. Teenagers are in the key period of growth, the golden period of study and the period of physiological and psychological agitation, cute phone cases iphone 6s plus coupled with the strong curiosity and weak self control ability, which are more likely to be tempted by mobile pornography than adults and indulge in them. It is urgent to eradicate pornographic cancer and protect the healthy growth of young people.

The mobile phone and the Internet broaden our vision and facilitate our life. It should be the carrier of spiritual civilization, but not a channel to poison the social atmosphere. Mobile pornography not only poisons young people, but also damages social spiritual civilization. Insisting on the socialist core value system and building a harmonious society, we must never lose sight of the public nuisance of pornography.

A small cell phone is heavy. Combating mobile pornography is protecting the flowers of the motherland, purifying the social environment, and bringing about the healthy development of mobile communication and network.