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The reason why 360 N7 detonated the era of full screen is here.

The invitation letter of the conference is the starting point of the "innovation" of the brands. In recent years, we have seen a leap in the shoes as a letter of invitation, meaning "practical"; a photo album made up of beautiful photos is regarded as a letter of invitation, and the ability to take pictures on behalf of the new machine is extraordinary. The invitation letter of 360 N7 can be said to be ingenious.

It was a "chicken pan". When this guy appeared, he would let all the chicken users happy. Why? First, the pan is the "chicken" game of the artifact, hanging in the waist can prevent the back of the bullet "explosion chrysanthemum", so also known as "explosion-proof weapons", and the pan as a close combat weapon, the attack is also the strongest in the close combat, about two people will be knocked down.

Back to the performance of the mobile phone, lg l70 phone cases ebay I have to say, "eat chicken" hand swim in the present, is a number of online games to compare the performance of the game, after all, the TPS game is the third person mobile shooting game, is the perfect combination of action and gun battle. Not only has high requirements for performance, but also has stringent requirements for mobile phone's endurance and heat control capability. In view of this, the cell phone should have a very good experience in eating chicken games.

If let me comment, I think which processor of 360 N7 selects which processor, its performance is equally excellent: first of all, the P60 chip of the United States development section is the turnaround war of the Federation, and its advent makes the United Development Department voluntarily give up the X series high-end chip research and development, pistol shaped phone case major in the development of middle and high end chips, and will occupy a certain market share.

In short, close to 140 thousand of the running points, so that the performance of 360 N7, sit firmly in the ranks of high-end models.

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About the "360 N7" rumor, it is more likely to mobilize the user's appetite for the "three camera design". Moreover, a number of media will also use 360 photos of three N7 photos. But this content has recently been rejected by the Jingdong mall's "divine assist". Because Jingdong mall put 360 N7 on its shelves and displayed its appearance and some characteristics.

The 360 N7 on the Jingdong page is a more traditional parallel double - camera design, but only two cameras and flash lights are in the same area, but the perception has become very conventional.

As for the front of the phone, the 360 N7 has a 5.99 inch, 18:9 scale regular "full screen" screen with a resolution of FHD. In other respects, the mobile phone is designed with all metal integrated fuselage, transparent mobile cover turns yellow with two colors of moon rock white and graphite black.

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In addition, we can also see from the page that 360 N7 has two configurations of 6GB 64GB and 6GB 128GB, and there is no more information.