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The US National Security Council intervened in the acquisition of Qualcomm fair by Broadcom, leading China's 5G technology to overtake the US.

According to the financial times of March 7th, a secret National Security Council in the United States issued an unusual public warning against Qualcomm and Bo Tong. The letter issued by the Commission is an unprecedented case, showing that the normally unexposed regulator has prevented negotiations ahead of time in order to protect American technology away from Chinese rivals.

Before that, the US Foreign Investment Commission and other agencies also opposed the deal several times for the same reason.

In a letter to the related company, the US Foreign Investment Commission criticized the "private equity style" plan made by Bo Tong for Qualcomm, saying it would reduce long-term investment in R & D to seek rapid profit, and thought it would help us rivals China develop 5G, support its "smart city" and autopilot. A little.

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The long term technological competitiveness of Qualcomm and the decline in its influence on standard setting will significantly affect the national security of the United States. "

In an open letter to the relevant company lawyers, the US Treasury said that Bo Tong's acquisition of high pass could pose a threat to the national security of the United States; based on historical records, after the acquisition of an enterprise, it would often cut off investment, which would pose a threat to the national security of the United States; Qualcomm is a "well-known and credible enterprise". There is a contract with the U. S. Department of defense.

In the letter, cover for nokia asha 302 the US Treasury also talked about HUAWEI, saying HUAWEI is actively participating in the formulation of the 5G standard. If the leading role of Qualcomm in the 5G market is replaced by HUAWEI, it may also pose a threat to the United States.

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HUAWEI's 5G commercial chip Barone 5G01 released on the eve of the 2018 World Mobile Communication Conference (MWC)

The Wall Street journal, the US, commented that, on the surface, the US government intervened to buy Qualcomm because a Singaporean company was trying to buy a San Diego company with a confidential business with the US government. But in essence, the focus of the US is more on the future mobile technology arms race between China and China.

Telecom operators around the world are preparing for the launch of the next generation mobile technology 5G. There are many details that need to be solved, but the technology will generally bring ultra high speed mobile connections to unmanned vehicles, virtual reality and other innovations.

Among the leading companies involved in finalizing technical standards and designing patents, there are several Chinese telecom equipment manufacturers, such as HUAWEI and ZTE, and some western manufacturers, such as NOKIA and Ericsson. And Qualcomm is the largest participant in the 5G technology field in the US.

According to people familiar with the matter, funky mobile covers online india US government officials are worried that in the past, Broadcom would sell some of the assets of the company after its acquisition. They fear that if the company sells some of its high pass assets, the US may lose its leading position in 5G innovation.

These people say that if Qualcomm is weakened or under the control of Bo Tong, it may open the door to HUAWEI to further improve its market lead. They worry that 10 years later, Att Corporation operators such as AT&T may have no choice but to use HUAWEI devices.

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American officials and Western wireless executives are worried that China will take the upper hand in the next generation of technology if China has a global lead in 5G technology and extensive 5G networks before the United States. This may even allow China to seize the lead in recruiting the best engineers in the world, not Silicon Valley.

In February 13th, the six big intelligence agencies in the United States scare Americans: don't use HUAWEI, don't use ZTE!

Europe led 3G innovation many years ago, and the United States leads the 4G technology. The fastest technology now is 4G. Industry executives say China and other Asian countries seem to have an advantage in 5G technology.

Chinese companies are very active in submitting the plan to the ISO that has formulated the 5G standard. According to the calculation of Inter Digital, a wireless technology company in early 2017, 34% of the plans come from Chinese companies. China is the country with the largest number of submissions.

HUAWEI topped the list with 234 options. Qualcomm is the most active company in the United States and has submitted 168 programmes. Intel has ranked 103 in the following.

Inter Digital spokesman said that the number of submitted programmes can only show the degree of effort, because not all programmes will be adopted. The spokesman said the 5G standard set some standards at its meeting last December, but it is too early to update the data.

In addition, easy diy phone case ideas in the view of the US government, the geographical position of Broadcom is also a worrying problem. However, Chen Fuyang, a Chinese American CEO, said there was no need to worry. After the deal was completed, the company moved from Singapore to the United States.

Chen Fuyang, a Chinese American CEO, had previously attended a news conference with President Trump.

According to the US media, the annual meeting of the high Qualcomm shareholders, which was supposed to be held in 6, was stopped by the US Foreign Investment Committee on the two day before the meeting, requiring it to be held later than 30 days later. At the shareholders' meeting, Qualcomm held a vote on whether to replace six of the 11 directors. If passed, it may help Broadcom achieve the acquisition.

However, phone cases huawei in the evening of Sunday (5), the US Foreign Investment Commission unexpectedly told the two companies that they were speeding up the assessment of the potential acquisition deal, even if the agreement had not been signed, which skipped the usual 30 day initial assessment period and was directly responsible for the security of such transactions. The threat of investigation was carried out.

Broadcom said it would cooperate with the Foreign Investment Commission's assessment. Qualcomm said the company's shareholders' meeting would be postponed for at least 30 days to allow the US Foreign Investment Commission to investigate.

The Wall Street journal says Qualcomm has not directly asked the US Foreign Investment Committee to investigate the deal, but it wants to do it and has friends from Congress to help it do it.

Prior to that, Qualcomm has rejected many proposals from Broadcom, and has always regarded national security assessment as a potential stumbling block in trading.