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Three patterns of the coming 5G Era

Looking back over the past 17 years, what have the three operators done? Unicom is busy mixing up, telecom busy exploding soldiers (one year to build 400 thousand 4G sites), mobile is a dark place, began deploying FDD network.

Unicom is doomed to be sad, but if it is three years ago, there may be room for improvement. The 18 year is the last year of 4G, and the 19 year China will open the great 5G era. China Unicom wants to complete the mixed reform in a short period of time. Just like the eve of war, training begins, too late.

Let us put the time back in 2008, the Ministry of industry and information department led, Netcom Unicom merged, CDMA sold telecommunications, Tietong joined the mobile, three 3G license plates together, on the surface, Unicom got the best WCDMA, a good hand, the telecommunications with the advantages of broadband, open the mobile broadband integration mode, the electric union can turn over at this time If this is up at the moment, maybe there is a chance, but for 5 years, when the time comes in 2013, the 3G users of the ITU haven't even moved much. Now, no one wants to ask why?

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The country has to move the most immature TD to the mobile, and the greater intention is to move and mature its own standards to cultivate a group of related industries with fully autonomous intellectual property rights, which is the national strategy, and let China Unicom and telecommunications more mature international standards, slowly close and move the distance.

If the development of the international communications industry is not so fast, if it is not a strong and urgent move to promote 4G, perhaps, the electric union still has time, slowly close and move the distance, but time does not wait for others, the distance of the movement in the 3G era, in the 4G Era, the turn over.

Mobile turn over is a comprehensive result of a variety of factors, TD immature, optimized without fruit, must be on the 4G, otherwise the position of the boss will be gradually far away, just as well as the national strategy, the international community has begun to deploy 4G in 2010, and the 3G network at this time has just been commercially available for second years, and the ITU has no courage without boldness. There was no intention to push the 4G, and the result was that only after the TDD license was issued, only mobile TDD. was launched in a stormy way.

Everyone can see, the idea of the electric union is very simple, that is to wait for FDD, using the mobile internal statement, a FDD coverage effect equal to 2.5 TDD, this is the frequency of the decision, there is no way, but the capacity, phone case iphone 6 se oh, ha ha, it does not care, anyway, my user is not much, FDD is enough.

Mobile 13 years to run TDD, the electric Union in 15 years to get the FDD license to come late, at this time, the mobile has developed 300 million 4G users, said the great leap forward is not too, from this time, the electric union completely lost the opportunity to surpass the movement.

Many people probably didn't think of the idea that the FDD, mobile TDD, in the 4G era, the electric couplet will change the signal to the situation that is not as good as mobile, depending on the co construction and sharing of the tower, and can quickly draw close and move the distance, but they do not think in the deep level, what role the mobile telecom Unicom plays in the national strategy .

A movement at the end of 2017 can explain this problem most, mobile has begun FDD large-scale construction, no license, but 17 years have run 400 thousand FDD base station, the 18 year plan to be built to 1 million 500 thousand, although there is no license, but there is no top point, move dare to build this kind of?

He Shengliang is born. No one wants to think about it. Why? Mobile has been the biggest in the world. Why should the state give mobile FDD?

Because 5G, yes, it's 5G! The coming of a new era reflects the will of a nation.

Mobile handgrip 400 billion cash, each year a billion profit, this is the electricity union far can not be, the state wants to achieve 3G following, 4G synchronization, 5G leading national strategy, relying on the electricity Federation is unrealistic, this is why the country to move FDD reasons.

In the 5G standard of mobile leading, the TDD FDD dual network mode is the mainstream of the 5G in the future. The 5G global unified standard has no problem of what type of license plate. The electric union can not hide in the leading gentle countryside forever. Without this vision, it will never be a step.

Automatic machine arm will allow you to make an appointment in the five line city in Beijing surgery experts, to do the difficult operation for you, 5G is the age of all things interconnected, only unexpected, the rise of China, the rise of the 5G is a necessary condition.

Mobile has made this preparation, with state support, capital, and 800 million users. The 5G is ahead of time, and the leader is exclusive.

But the night before, Unicom was still struggling in the middle of the reform, 70 billion shares of funds, but is a cup of water, doomed to the next three years after the total decline, the telecommunications still can be a war, but if still can not see the national strategic focus, trying to rely on the monopoly of the Shang Fang Bao Jianqiang row, eventually and further farther away.

2G network, phone covers for apple iphone 4 Unicom has been gradually closed at the moment, the closing timetable for mobile will definitely depend on it, and the development of VOLTE and the advantages of FDD can not be reflected on the VOLTE. If the development is better, it should be gradually closed after 5 years. 3G net, the mobile early iron heart to close, now is basically in the state of non maintenance, the telecommunications estimate will go back a bit, the telecommunications VOLTE development is too slow, do not understand what telecommunication is thinking, since the FDD, the VOLTE, the CDMA closed, a large maintenance cost, Unicom, see no Unicom now In dealing with WCDMA's attitude, this is the bottom of Unicom and 2G is the bottom of mobile Internet. Unicom is not sure that it wants to go back to 3G for a few years.

4G network, mobile will create a fine 4G network, which can be seen from the movement of the movement, TDD FDD dual network, 18 years in the 1 million FDD station, to see the follow-up optimization effect, the mobile treatment of 4G as before the same as the 2G. Telecommunications well, the main FDD, part of the key area TDD FDD, the weakness of the telecom 4G is optimization, optimization, optimization, focus on the three times, believe after the signal will be better and better, can and move some of the users. Unicom's current status is a bit like a bit more than a dozen years ago, 3G net food tasteless abandoned regrettable, before the side to do 2G, while thinking of CDMA, the result is lost sesame and lost watermelon. Now that money is on hand, this 3G network is hard to build up, not willing to bet on 4G, also understand, so much money, what else can be done.

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5G network, mobile running, but still can not see individual user demand for 5G, it is expected to move more cautiously and step by step, but under the pressure of the country, the scale of 4G network can be done well before 2023, and the attitude of Telecom and Unicom to 5G will be more cautious, and some commercial sites will certainly be done. But in the case of no profit model, it will be more cautious. 5G is an industrial mobile network. It is expected that personal use will be more than industrial use for the first time. The profit model of the operator will shift from the monthly rent of the number of people to the wider network of Internet of things.

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In 2017, a variety of Internet King Wang Bao card fly card war, the operator's flow of revenue is also basically over the traditional voice revenue in this year, but the beauty is not long, from the second half of the 17 year of the unlimited flow card will be more popular in 2018, the next two years, the base is not limited to the flow card, users do not The age of limited flow has come at last. (of course, the so-called unlimited flow has the upper limit of speed limit).

In June 30th, decorate your phone case with nail polish the Chen Xuewei team of the Rice Research Institute of Sichuan Agricultural Uniersity published an article.

In June 25th, it was led by the China Railway Corporation to organize research and development.

Whether the express delivery fee should rise or how much it should go up is a market choice. ...

A chemical research on technetium 99 at Washington State University has raised our interest in this.

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