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U. S. shares fell and A shares weakened. There were stories about these prices.

Original title: U.S. stocks fell, A shares weakened, these limit trading story Duolun technology 603528, China's driving school's first storm storm board limit disclosure

The company is committed to promoting the intelligent training and examination system of Chinese motorists, the innovation and industrialization of intelligent transportation products, and the diversified development in the field of intelligent transportation. It has formed the six core technologies around big data, cloud computing, deep learning, three-dimensional virtual simulation, Internet of things and Beidou satellite positioning. Three major product systems: driving test, intelligent transportation and intelligent driving.

Hua Mai science and technology 603042, communication network physical connection equipment suppliers, wind and thunder, limit of trading.

The main business of the company is the development, production and sale of physical connection equipment of communication network. The main products include optical communication network equipment and wireless communication network equipment. The company's products now cover 31 provinces and municipalities and autonomous region markets, and maintain long-term stability with China Mobile, China Unicom, China Telecom and other telecom operators as well as ZTE, HUAWEI and other communications equipment merchants. After the stock price fell, it rebounded.

The company is mainly engaged in the production and sale of viscose fiber and curtain canvas. Its main products include viscose staple fiber, viscose filament, cord fabric and canvas. In addition to the production and sales of curtain canvas, the main business of the company will add new cultural industry business based on Internet games. It will become a comprehensive company with Internet advertising and Internet media resources as well as traditional curtain canvas production and sales.

Xiao Cheng technology 300139, small market value chips rebound, storm, beat, limit, secret:

The company occupies 24% in the field of chip, which belongs to the field of low chip. It is mainly used in electric power. The company's professional direction is integrated circuit design. At the same time, it provides products and solutions for smart grid and smart city.

In order to fill the company's core qualifications and technical links in the engineering contract industry chain and achieve the integration of high quality resources, the company's wholly owned subsidiary, Jiangsu Su Mei Group Co., Ltd. will buy a 100% stake in the six courtyard of the holding shareholder's national machine group by cash. The initial estimate of the transaction price is about 1 billion. Yuan.

The main business of the company's controlling person is the world's top 500 China National Machinery Industry Corporation. The main business includes: Commodity Trade and mechanical and electrical equipment import, garden machinery, gasoline and diesel power generation equipment, auto parts, high speed iron and electrical parts and other mechanical and electrical products and textile and clothing products, development, production, trade, and new energy. Engineering, ship engineering, environmental engineering, etc.

Ming Yang circuit 300739, Sino US trade war, domestic alternatives to storm and plate, limit Trading:

The United States embargo on ZTE communications, and the domestic substitution of technology companies will be more and more important. China will increase investment in science and technology companies, Yangming circuit, production and management multilayer circuit boards; technical development of information and communication products; production and operation precision on-line measuring instruments; production and operation flexible circuit board; goods and technology. Import and export. The company has a high overall customer quality. Many of the customers who work with the company are well-known enterprises in the related fields, such as Flex (Flextronics), JABIL (Flex), and ENICS (AI) as the world-famous EMS company. W u rth (Wuerth), Streamline, Cistelaier are well-known PCB production enterprises in Europe and America, ICAPE (Ai Jiapu) as the world-famous PCB. Traders, Darktronics (Dakota) is a well-known LED company in the world.

Star Lake Technology (600866) disclosed the progress of the purchase of assets in the evening of March 6th. The underlying asset of this transaction is Sichuan Jiu Ling Pharmaceutical Technology Co., Ltd. The company intends to issue shares and pay cash to purchase all the shares of Jiu Ling pharmaceuticals. Long Ling pharmaceutical is a pharmaceutical and chemical enterprise engaged in the research, production and sale of pharmaceutical intermediates. Its industries are chemical raw materials and chemical products manufacturing. Recent policies have reduced taxes on innovative drugs. Po Ming Kant's listing is a support for the medical field. Today's first step is to resume trading.

Tianjin Xinmao technology involves optical communication, computer system integration, intelligent engineering, AR (augmented reality) development and application, phone case design ideas automatic driving, financial investment and so on. Customers are all over the country and part of the European and American areas. After many years of development, the company's main optical communication business has initially had the whole industry chain of "fiber optic preform (containing casing) fiber optic cable", and has entered the new field of AR development and application, automatic driving and so on. Xinmao technology in 2017 net profit 84 million 130 thousand yuan, up 77.31%, optical communications accounted for 80% of the company's total business, there are a total of four subsidiaries, Shandong Xinmao Light Communications Technology Co., Ltd., Tianjin Chang Fei Xinmao optical cable Co., Ltd., Tianjin Chang Fei Xinmao Light Communications Co., Ltd., Kuchi Hikaru electronic Mstar Technology Ltd

The company's financial data Research Institute (Zhejiang key enterprise research institute). The company has accumulated its core technical advantages in the fields of financial software, financial operations, financial services, financial consulting, financial equipment and other fields. The company believes that banks, securities, insurance and Internet financial enterprises provide IT products and services as the main business, process banks, electronic document image products, CALL CENTER, risk early warning The market share of mainstream products such as system and payment cipher is among the forefront of peers.

Ningbo hundred 600857, Taiping bird control people watching Ningbo hundred wind thunder, the price limit:

Ningbo Zhong 100 today issued a summary of the offer of the tender offer, and Ningbo Peng Bohai will send out some of the offer to all shareholders of the listed companies other than Zhang Jiangping. It intends to buy 62 million 21 thousand and 900 shares, accounting for 27.65% of the total share capital of the company, the offer is 12.77 yuan per share, and the price of 10.57 yuan / share premium before the company's suspension. About 20.81%. If the tender offer is successfully completed, Ningbo Peng Bo and its concerted action will have 32% of Ningbo's 100 shares.

It is estimated that the net profit attributable to shareholders of Listed Companies in 2018 16 is 150 million yuan to 180 million yuan, an increase of 376.88% to 472.27% compared with the same period last year. The cause of the performance changes: during the period of this report, the company's business operation is steady and the investment income is expected to be obtained. It is expected that the net profit will be greatly increased compared with the same period of last year.

Shenzhou information (000555) on the interactive platform, the company recently, the company and Jingdong financial strategic cooperation, the first "IaaS SaaS FaaS" financial technology service model, together with small and medium banks to launch advanced financial technology services. Shenzhou information is the leading enterprise in China's software and information services industry. It provides technical services, application software development as well as industry cloud construction and operation for the national economic key industries, such as finance, telecommunications, government and enterprises, agriculture and other key industries. The company continues to enhance the technological capabilities of cloud computing, large data and quantum communications to support the Internet transformation of the industry, and is committed to leading and promoting the development of China's information process and information service industry with the innovation of business models and technical products.

The company has developed into one of the most powerful communications connector manufacturers in China, and has established a long-term partnership with famous enterprises such as HUAWEI, Zhongxing, Foxconn, Flextronics, Hun Shuo, Ya Xu, TCL and other famous enterprises worldwide. The company takes the communication connector as the core, the consumer electronic connector is an important component, and the other connectors of the automobile and other connectors are extended as the development strategy at the present stage. Under the premise of continuously consolidating the traditional (low speed) communication connector market, the development, production and marketing of high-speed communication connector products are actively carried out after a long period of preparation. And development, now in the leading position in the field, with the advantage of high-speed communication connector products.

Daheng science and technology 600288, Ningbo 100 bid acquisition triggered Zai Xi riots, storm and thunder, the price limit:

Ningbo Zhong 100, which is the holding company under zawhee's banner, issued a summary of the offer of the tender offer, and Ningbo Peng Bohai will send out some of the offer to all the shareholders of the listed company other than the remittance force trade, Peng Yuan management and Zhang Jiangping. It intends to buy 62 million 21 thousand and 900 shares, accounting for 27.65% of the total share capital of the company. The news triggered the market association of Daheng technology follow-up equity changes, how to design phone cover at home stock prices opened sharply higher limit.

Creative information 300366, the concept of small market 5G, 3 boards, storm and plate, and limit.

The company's headquarters is set up in Chengdu. The development orientation of the company is: Based on cloud computing and large data technology, it has become the leading ICT comprehensive solution provider in China, and is committed to providing the overall solution and professional operation service for the users. The company issued a notice to clarify that it will not be affected by the Zhongxing incident, and all cooperation will be carried out normally.

Changsheng bearing 300718, annual report high growth new high, sent to 3 boards, storm, board, limit, secret:

In April 22nd, the annual report was released in the evening. The company achieved operating income of 567 million yuan in 2017, an increase of 40.23% over the same period last year, and a net profit of 121 million yuan, an increase of 50.46% over the same period last year. The earnings per share are 1.53 yuan. The company plans to increase 9.8 shares for every 10 shares and send $3.7.

Xintian science and technology 300615, the new small market value sent to 2 boards, storm, board, and limit.

Xintian technology net profit in 2017 was 31 million 470 thousand yuan, down 45.18% compared with the same period last year. The company is the R & D of RF components and RF components.

Trillion day technology 300333, payment of enterprises leading 6 days, 5 boards, wind and thunder, the price limit of the board.

The United States has an unprecedented development in China's ZTE embargo and domestic substitute chips. The company is the leader in the technology of electronic payment and cipher industry. The only provider of the core security chip has won the two prize for national science and technology progress, and has the number one of the 15 related invention patents, and has obtained many international famous investment institutions. The investments include Jafco, GGV, WaldenInternational, Intel and IntelCapital.

Kexin technology 300565, the new small market value of 5G company 3 board, wind and thunder, the price limit:

The company is a communication network infrastructure solution provider, focusing on providing communication operators, ICT equipment merchants and network integrators with FTTX access network, wireless access network and transmission network communication network physical connection equipment, application solutions and technical services. The company's main ODN products, wireless access products and transmission network physical connection equipment are widely used in the FTTX optical fiber broadband network, 3G/4G wireless network, transmission network and other communication networks. The company has set up 22 provincial sales liaison offices in China, covering three major operators in 31 provinces and cities and the Chinese tower.

Lu Tong letter 300555, small market value, China's 2 board storm and storm limit.

Wuxi road communications Network Inc is located in the broadband network intelligent connection and intelligent application solution provider, focusing on the network transmission construction, intelligent fusion terminal, the intelligent application of three major business development direction.

Zhongfu information 300659, sub network security concept to resume trading, up 2 boards, storm, board, limit Trading:

In the near future, network security has been mentioned above by the state. Zhongfu information is a high-tech enterprise specializing in information security technology and product research and development, sales and industry solutions and security services. New shares, the company developed confidential computer and mobile storage media secrecy management system, computer violation depth inspection and forensics system, the host security confidentiality inspection and information supervision system and other products in the CPPCC National Committee, the Ministry of foreign affairs, the State Secrecy Bureau, SASAC, the General Administration of customs, the Ministry of commerce and the Ministry of Commerce, China Petroleum, The functions, stability and compatibility of products have been verified through the promotion and application of Sinopec and other party and government organs or enterprises and institutions.

Karen shares 300715, cricket cell phone coverage in canada the new small market value sent to wind and thunder, the price limit.

The company is engaged in the research and development, production and sales of building waterproof materials. The main products are new type of building waterproof materials, including high polymer materials, asphalt based coils, polyurethane coatings, polymer cement coatings and polymer adhesive tape. The company has formed a more complete system of waterproof material and material. The 2017 annual allocation plan 10 has been increased by 8 pies and 2 yuan.

De Chuang literature and art 300640, the new small market annual report sent high to 2 boards, storm, plate, limit, secret:

The company disclosed the annual report, which achieved 470706151.19 yuan in 2017, up 33.31% from the year on year; the net profit belonging to the shareholders of the listed company was 35657951 yuan, 19.81%, and the basic earnings per share of 0.49 yuan per share. The annual profit distribution plan of the company in 2017 is as follows: with a base of 80000000, a cash dividend of 2.50 yuan (including tax) is sent to all 10 shares of the shareholders, and the capital accumulation fund is transferred to all the shareholders by 10 shares by 8 shares.

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Intelligent automatic control 002877, high delivery to the new small market value stocks, 2 boards, wind and thunder, limit the price limit.

Must create technology 300667, small market value of the civil military integration, demon stocks, storm, plate, price limit:

In the United States, China's embargo on ZTE and domestic alternative chips will be developed unprecedentedly. The company is a wireless sensor network system solution and MEMS sensor chip provider. It is an early industrial production enterprise of wireless sensor network products in China. In March 24, 2018, the company's wholly owned subsidiary, Wuxi Bi Chuang Sensing Technology Co., Ltd., will jointly sign the purchase contract with Pingan International Finance Leasing Co., Ltd. and Wuhan Shen Jing auto electronics and electrical appliance (Limited by Share Ltd), and sell the camshaft production line equipment with a total contract gold amount of 1 million 350 thousand yuan.

Tianjin prin, since April 19th, revoked the warning of the delisting risk, the company specializes in the production and sale of high precision rigid printed board, high density interconnect (HDI) PCB, rigid flex board and aluminum substrate. The products are widely used in the fields of aerospace, computer networks, digital communications, automotive electronics, industrial control, instruments, medical instruments, consumer electronics and so on.

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The company has signed the "letter of intention of strategic cooperation and investment" with the global network technology (Beijing) Limited company (Beijing) Co., Ltd. and Huaxia city network TV Limited by Share Ltd. Global one is the operator of Internet TV. It has the resources of CIBN license and Youku potato. It is committed to integrating all kinds of Chinese Radio and television, film and television programs and providing high quality video service to users. The promise of global integration is the company's only partner in the new business expansion of cable operators.

Blue Ying equipment 300293, small market value, industrial Internet, North Korea open to benefit 3 boards, storm and plate.

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Apply for Galaxy S4 i337 cases Protective Phone Cover Case Old Broken Volkswagen VW Car Logo Deals phone cases online nz

Large electrical automation control system and professional mechanical equipment, robot and automation equipment, automatic three-dimensional warehouse and warehousing logistics equipment, large automation production line.

Long shiny Technology: Tencent information is about 400 million yuan, 7.14% shares, Shenzhen Mayor Liang Polytron Technologies Inc is the world's leading financial IT solution provider, a group of ambitious IT young people founded in 2002, adhering to the spirit of continuous innovation to provide financial institutions with the core business, the Internet financial business Integrated financial IT solutions such as data services and management services.

Jida communications 300597, small market value 5G stocks, 3 boards, storm and plate.

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