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Vivo X9 Plus Stardust version of the real machine, I do not know how many grades have been upgraded!

Before I got the vivo X9 Plus starry gray version, I always thought the champagne shell was the best to see and the best for men. And when I first touched the X9 Plus Stardust machine, this recognition was completely overturned. Just looking at it, I like the starry grey version of X9 Plus.

Compared to the other two colors (rose gold and champagne gold), the front of the starry ash is a whole, and you don't know where the screen is dividing under the state of the screen, so there is a visual appearance that resembles a non - border effect, dazzling, cool, and its stunning range is like the first time the plane was on the plane. Like feeling, you can't help but feel it everywhere, look around and love it.

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Star grey is a kind of masculine color. Compared with rose gold and champagne gold, it is more mature and stable and atmosphere, plus a whole black front panel like a screen without a border. It is elegant and deep in style, giving people a high-end sense of grade.

The charm of the starry gray X9 Plus is still at the moment of lighting the screen or closing the screen, and there is a magical feeling that there is a colorful picture on a whole piece of black glass, or the color of the picture is lost for a moment and only a whole piece of clean black glass is left. Since I got the X9 Plus, I liked the instant of opening the screen and closing the screen, and I always wanted to play with it.

All X9 Plus with different appearance colors on the package are exactly the same. You can't tell them from the box only, unless you see the stickers on the back. Because it is a prototype, the box does not have a one-time seal, and the retail version of X9 Plus is a complete one-time seal, bubble iphone case quality can be used as a new unbroken product of the original factory certificate.

For the protection of the main unit, the design of the packing box is quite in place. Although the X9 Plus's fuselage is big, it's the largest of all the smartphones that vivo is selling now, but there's no need to worry about transportation safety at all. A slight bump on the box doesn't affect the phone itself.

X9 Plus random accessories are still rich, the phone itself has been attached to the screen protection film, but there is a backup screen film in the box, and the phone's protective shell also provides two, one is transparent, the other is light blue and transparent.

The difference between colors is only in the cell phone itself, and accessories, such as accessories, are all the same, and they are all white. In the picture, the small box is equipped with a power adapter, a USB data connection line, and a headset with microphone and wire control.

A while ago, a friend asked me to recommend a cell phone and had to buy a new one, so I recommended that she buy X9 Plus. After finishing the list, the friend asked me, "which cell phone protection shell and screen protection film should I buy?" "I have to be able to bear with her to explain to her that vivo's mobile phones are all with sticker and protective shell, and they are both double, and do not need to be bought again. What you can think of, case knife phone number the manufacturer has already thought for you.

The so-called Stardust grey finger is the back of the mobile phone, which uses the 405 zirconium sand of 10nm to spray out the starry grey color. The back and sides of X9 Plus are machined by means of a whole piece of aluminum alloy through CNC. Although the cost is higher, the fuselage is more durable and durable. In addition, the antenna is also replaced by a U Dome Antenna, which makes the back of the host more integrated.

The part of the antenna is easily discernible. Its color is in the same color as the color of the host shell, but the difference in texture is obvious. After all, the fuselage is metal, and the antenna is nano injection.

X9 Plus has a 20 million pixel and a 8 million pixel camera, 20 million pixels for the imaging camera, 8 million pixels for the depth of field measurement camera, the two lenses can take the effect of background virtual, and support the first photo focus, intellectual beauty, intelligent shooting mode. The X9 Plus rear camera is 16 million pixels, F2.8 aperture, sapphire lens, PDAF phase focusing technology, supporting dynamic photo function, that is, Photo. After opening the camera, it can record about 1.5 seconds of dynamic video before and after the photo is taken, which is the same as the dynamic photo function of iPhone.

Integrated fingerprint recognition HOME key, gundam phone case review and the two sides also have a touch key position, namely menu key and return key. Vivo's fingerprint identification technology has repeatedly said in previous vivo phone reviews that the speed of recognition, or the accuracy of recognition, is outstanding in all smart phone products at home and abroad.

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The starry gray X9 Plus has a stronger metal texture, and the color of its own gray is easy to bear the texture of metal, and it looks more low profile than rose gold or champagne gold, and is more in line with some business people or low profile personalities.

In the charging technology, X9 Plus starry ash uses a new double engine charging mode, its output specification is 5V, 4.5A, X9 Plus's built-in battery capacity is 4000mAh, and the battery charge is completely exhausted and the whole charging process lasts for 1 hours and 46 minutes, and the charging speed is faster than XPlay6. One feature of this charging method is that the initial charging speed is very fast, the first 20 minutes into 36% of the amount of electricity, the first 50 minutes into a total of 78% of the electricity, full of 90% power is also only 1 hours 5 minutes. In our actual daily use, every charge will be available about an hour or so, or very fast, after all, its battery is easy to reach 4000mAh.

The last thing to say is that the X9 Plus for the starry gray version is only 3298 yuan on the vivo official net, and the first rose gold version and the champagne version are all 3498 yuan. As the starry gray X9 Plus is listed, the X9 Plus panchromatic system has all dropped to 3298 yuan. This is the first time to see in the product line of vivo, phone case unique and it used to be sold to stop production, Vivo phones are also rarely cut down. Of course, we also notice that the price changes have been reduced, and the quantity of the gifts has been heavier. But in any case, users can spend less than 200 yuan, which is the most important.