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Why do most people's iPhone still use the default ringtone

Today, I'll simply talk to you about why iPhone users like the default ringtones and why can iPhone phones be easy to set up like a Android phone? First of all, we discuss the first problem together. Based on the survey and comparative analysis, the author thinks that there are three reasons for iPhone users to like the default ringing.

Of course, the so-called setup trouble is relative to the Android system mobile phone, specifically for the fruit powder to install iTunes at the PC end, then connect the iPhone cell phone to the computer and open the iTunes, then choose to set the music for the ringtone, after a series of production add, finally can complete the new ringtone setting. . Throughout the process, 3d printed phone accessories it is much more trouble than Android phone, so this is also one of the reasons why many fruit powder is not willing to fiddle with it.

In other words, this part of the iPhone user knows how to change the ringtone, but it does not change because of some psychological awareness. And this subconscious is more ostentatious, aiming at telling people around them to use thousands of iPhone phones. Of course, it does not exclude many people from the bottom of their hearts that they like the crisp sense of default ringtone. Here, the first question is finished.

Let's look at the second question: why can't we set up ringtones like Android phones? The answer is obvious, because the Apple Corp is in the United States, and iPhone is born in a place with a strong sense of law, especially for knowledge about copyright, mobile skin design software free which is similar to the answer to "thousands of iPhone, why no call recording" in the previous article.

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To sum up, apple equipment, including iPhone, will not take risks in violation of a right, but also a respect for copyright owners. However, this so-called respect is not directly reflected in the open source Android phones. After all, there are many brands of intelligent machines equipped with Android system.

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