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You know several Chinese mobile phone brands that follow the sea strategy.

According to the 2016 global smartphone statistics published in February, the total number of mobile phones is over 1 billion 470 million, and the top five mobile phone manufacturers in total sales are Samsung, apple, HUAWEI, OPPO and vivo.2017, and the number of mobile phones is 1 billion 530 million. The top five global brand shipments are Samsung, apple, HUAWEI, OPPO and millet. From the data of two consecutive years, we can see that Chinese brands have entered the top five for two years in a row, how to decorate your phone case at home except for Samsung and apple in the world, and the rest are from the Chinese market.

The Chinese brand is pursuing the strategy of going global after putting aside the Chinese brand in the local market. From the perspective of vertical market share growth, the market share of Samsung and apple is shrinking, and the market share of Chinese manufacturers HUAWEI, OPPO and millet is on the rise. With the gradual slowdown in the growth of China's mobile phone market, China's mobile phone manufacturers are increasingly looking at the overseas market, and the rising Chinese mobile phones are competing for the global market with apple and Samsung.

According to HUAWEI's data, HUAWEI's success in the European market in 2016 was quite brilliant, not only a double growth in shipments and sales, but also by users in the high-end market, and the market share of Western Europe and Eastern Europe broke through 10% and 20% respectively. As a nearly zero - start brand five years ago, phone cases bulk buy uk the heights of today's global smartphones have been captured and continued to grow steadily, suggesting that the goal of HUAWEI's top European market is becoming more and more realistic.

Compared with the domestic market, HUAWEI's overseas promotion strategy will be different. Under the basic principles of globalization, HUAWEI should adjust measures to local conditions. To Europe, HUAWEI is a brand different from ours. HUAWEI has played a lot in Europe, and HUAWEI has been sponsoring the five major European football leagues. Subsequently, Messi signed a global promotion ambassador, including the number of radiation users in Asia and South America. Lewandowski undertook the task of promotion in Germany and northeast Europe. Glenn Seidman covers the region of Spain and Western Europe.

HUAWEI mobile phone positioning in the high-end direction, so the endorser is a global celebrity, whether the sports circle or entertainment circle can effectively find the corresponding population. But the real reason for HUAWEI's success overseas is its product. At present, HUAWEI accounts for 45% of the world's 170 thousand employees. At the same time, samsung galaxy s4 phone cases designer due to continuous R & D and investment, 16 R & D bases and 28 joint innovation centers have been established in the world. Part of the achievement of HUAWEI products at this stage is the reflection of years of continuous investment. According to recent reports, sales volume of HUAWEI has doubled in Germany, Italy, Spain, Poland and other countries. The mainstream market share in Europe, including Finland, Holland, Belgium, Poland, Spain, buy case for iphone 5c Italy and Czech, has exceeded 20%. On the basis of a certain scale of business base in Western Europe and northeast Europe, the growth trend of sales revenue and shipments is still about 100%, and it is expected that it will continue to grow rapidly in the future.

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As a strategic ground for mobile phone brands, Europe is regarded by most mobile phone manufacturers as the most important high-end market. Through long-term adherence to the strategy of quality and high-end machine to drive brand value, HUAWEI has gained a certain voice in the European market.